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Highly concentrated Paste/Liquid (product specific) suitable for all types of marble, granite and polished stones

Application of the product makes the surface water repellant.


  • Viscosity : Liquid , Solid

  • Color : Colorless, Light-honey yellow







    Wet look, light satin finish effect for smooth or antiqued marble and stone. Protective to avoid washing both antiqued and rough surfaces with acidic detergent. The surfaces treated with antique 40 show a warm shade and the natural veins are enhanced.

    Suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. Coverage 12/18 sq.m./litre.

    Application of the product makes the surface water repellant.


  • Viscosity : Liquid

  • Color : Honey yellow



    No rust 2000




    Stain removing product ideal for removing rust stains from granite, stones resistant to acid etc.

    Depending of the intensity of the stain the product can be used as per in its pure state or diluted with water.


  • Viscosity : Liquid

  • Color : Colorless



    Tenax- Ager




    Tenax Ager Sealer is a resin based color enhancing stone sealer.

    It brings out a fuller richer color on the stone, while hiding small scratches.

    It does not polish stone, but gives it the "wet" look.



    Tenax- Neroplus




    Neroplus that work as color enhanser and used for black granite

    Its highly efficient and capable of hiding the white dots on the surface.



    Idro Stop




    Protective water-repellant anti-mould, against rising damp

    Used for marble granite concrete and terracotta stone- suitable for indoor and out door use.







    Silicone wax for marble, granite and polished stones in general.

    It gives a polishing effect to surfaces which have already been polished.

    After applying the surface becomes water repellant.



    Oxalic Acid




    Polishing marble and granite

    Coarse and fine.


    Polishing powder




    5 extra yellow powder for polishing marble and granite.


    Granite polishing powder




    Polishing powder with lead for granite.



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